WEB PROGRAMMING : PHP/MySQL Professional Training

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WEB PROGRAMMING : PHP / MY SQL Professional Training

PHP/MySQL Training at Global Era Inc, makes you professional expert in creating web applications which assist you to boost your career to the next level. PHP is a widely used programming language which works on the principal of server side scripting to produce dynamic Web pages. This stage will provide the trainee with the practical experience.

Global Era Inc, to introduce professional Training in Web Application. The Live IT Training is targeted towards fresher and newbie to achieve high quality skills of programming in PHP and MySQL.

Why to Learn PHP / MySQL ?

PHP and MySQL are the most popular and widely used open source development technologies for Internet and Intranet development during the past decade.

  • PHP is a powerful language and popular open source software widely used for writing server-side Web applications.
  • MySQL is the world's most popular open source database.

These Combinations of two technologies provide you a powerful platform for building database-driven Web applications and to develop a rich modern array of features, which you can learn in short while with us!

PHP is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. In PHP we can make dynamic/interactive websites that operates according to the visitors and/or the administrators. ‘Open Source Programming’ powers these applications. As PHP is available free over internet, it becomes economical to work on PHP. From Medium level to small level companies choose PHP & MySql to operate. When it comes to PHP & MySQL training, we offer you the best value in the industry - offering a structured, well developed course, at viable prices.


A. Advance PHP/MYSQL Content :

This course is for any individual learning to use Internet.

  1. Introduction to PHP /MySQL
  2. Taking User Input from Forms via PHP
  3. Variables and Expressions in PHP
  4. Conditional Tests and Events in PHP
  5. PHP Flow Control
  6. PHP Configuration
  7. PHP Functions
  8. Storing Data in Arrays using PHP
  9. Handling Databases with PHP
  10. String Manipulation in PHP
  11. Sessions and Cookies in PHP
  12. File and Directory Access Using PHP
  13. Other I/O Issues in PHP
  14. Handling Email with PHP
  15. Object Orientation in PHP
  16. SOAP
  17. Smarty
  18. Shopping Cart, Ecommerce, Payment Gateways
  19. Graphics in PHP
  20. Introduction to MVC structure
  21. Basic of CodeIgniter and CakePHP

B. Live Project CMS/E-COMMERCE Content :
1. Content Management System/Lite/ Corporate (Admin Console /Client Reflection Fully Dynamic Management)
  1. HTML5/CSS3
  2. CSS
  5. PHP
  6. MYSQL
2. E-commerce - (Admin Console /Client Reflection Fully Dynamic Management)

E-commerce - Shopping Cart / cash on delivery E-commerce with Payment Gateway (National & International)

  1. HTML5/CSS3
  2. CSS
  5. PHP
  6. MYSQL
  7. CMS
  8. Shopping Cart
  9. Payment Integration (Online Transaction/Payment Processing)ining)
  10. Cash On Delivery
  11. National Gateway (i.e. CCAvenue, Atom )
  12. International Gateway (i.e. PayPal)

3. Online Server Management with Cpanel :
  1. FTP
  2. Php MyAdmin
  3. Server Management
No. of Live Projects :
  1. Minimum 10
Training Duration :
  1. 5 to 8 Months Training Program
  2. Monday To Saturday (Dailly : 3-5 Hours )
  3. Training by our Professional Programmers
Eligibility :
  1. BE / B Tech (Computer/ IT)
  2. MCA / M Tech / Msc IT / MBA IT
  3. Diploma in IT / Computer
  4. OR Those Who Looking for job but not get it due to No Experienced on live Work
Prospects of PHP/MYSQL Training :
  1. Junior/Senior PHP/MYSQL Designer
  2. Junior/Senior PHP/MYSQL Developer
  3. Database Administrator
  4. Professional Tester
  5. Project Manager
  6. Entrepreneur(Businessman)
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