Core Java(J2SE) Professional Training

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Core Java(J2SE) Professional Training

Global Era Inc,  has its best professional experts with wide industrial experience and are skilled enough to guide. Our trainees with all basic fundamental tools that gradually goes to advanced features with an idea to learn more live-code examples. Our Java Professional Training make every trainee be able to build up a stand-alone application that starts from problem definition, system design, requirements analysis and all the details of Java related to coding and testing.

Java is a high-level Programming Language, Java follows the "write once, run anywhere" concept, as it does not needs to be edited to run in different platforms. It derives much of its syntax from C & C++, and has a simpler object model and fewer low-level facilities. Java is available as free and open-source software.

Java language is used to build up Desktop Applications, Web Applications, and Mobile Applications. Java develops programs for different consoles. Android developers have selected Java programming language also used to developing Android Applications. Our Core Java Professional Training in Rajkot recommends a variety of advantages & we also give development of mobile applications in java. Learn everything in detailed beginners level, basics course, advance topics and professional Frameworks like hibernate, Struts, spring etc.


A. Introduction :
  1. Java and the virtual machine model
  2. Application structure
  3. Hello world application, java command line tools
B. Programming Fundamentals :
  1. Data types and declaring variables
  2. Flow control using conditional and iterative statements
  3. Methods and parameters
  4. Arrays
  5. Strings Manipulation
  6. Regular Expressions
  7. Exception handling
C. Object Oriented :
  1. Class and Object
  2. Encapsulation and data hiding
  3. Code reuse and Abstraction using Inheritance
  4. Polymorphism using Overriding and overloading
  5. Interfaces, Listeners
D. Java Features :
  1. Inner classes and anonymous objects
  2. Concurrency and Multithreading
  3. Collections and Generics
  4. Creating GUI using Swing
  5. Event handling
  6. Java APIs for XML Processing Overview
E. Applet Overview :
  1. Applets:Introduction
  2. Basic Life Cycle of Applate
  3. Use of Color, Graphic, Font and Image Classes in Applet
F. DataBase Programming using JDBC :
  1. Introduction to JDBC
  2. JDBC Drivers & Architecture
  3. CURD operation Using JDBC
  4. Connecting to non-conventional Databases

Java is one of the most popular languages because of its features like security, portability and network mobility. Java Professional Training in the Global Era Inc, will take you into the exciting world of Java Programming. It start with concepts of object-orientation - encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism. Students will create graphical user interfaces; handle runtime errors, manipulate files (Input/Output operations), threads, data structures (Collection Framework), network protocols and database operations using Java Database Connectivity (JDBC).

This course progresses as a series of application problems that students solve as a part of each and every module. Students's problem-solving skills are the focus of attention as they solve business problems ranging from the simple to the complex.

Global Era Inc, provide best Java Professional Training based on live projects and real time running projects. The course is structure designed by the experienced and java expert faculties. We specially Focuses on practical training which helps students to handle situations in real working environment. This training program enhances the technical skill. We provide complete practical implementation. Trainee will get complete working experience as per current job market. It is also helpful to all professional and IT participants who are from the final year students.

No. of Live Projects :
  1. Minimum 10
Eligibility :
  1. BE / B Tech (Computer/ IT)
  2. MCA / M Tech / Msc IT / MBA IT
  3. Diploma in IT / Computer
  4. OR Those Who Looking for job but not get it due to No Experienced on live Work
Prospects of Core JAVA(J2SE) Training :
  1. Junior/Senior JAVA Designer
  2. Junior/Senior JAVA Developer
  3. Database Administrator
  4. Professional Tester
  5. Project Manager
  6. Entrepreneur(Businessman)
Training Duration :
  1. 5 to 8 Months Training Program
  2. Monday To Saturday (Dailly : 3-5 Hours )
  3. Training by our Professional Programmers
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